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     The cleaner was incredibly professional, kind and courteous.
David G.18/12/2023
     The staff were cordial and did a peerless job at scrubbing down everywhere. The abode was spotless and I was thunderstruck at the result.
Nathan N.20/11/2023
     Fantastic service, I have engaged two cleaners from them and they are dependable and proficient.
Alicia Smith18/10/2023
     The moment the work by Cleaning Services ended up, we got a regular plan ready for office cleaning needs which they have followed through on perfectly. It's clear that they will keep impressing us like this!
G. Firby15/05/2023
     Going with London Cleaning Company rather than renewing my contract with my prior cleaning service was absolutely worth it - their people performed great and I will keep relying on their services from now on.
Martin Edwards23/02/2023
     An outstanding result on my carpets. Cleaning Services offers an outstanding carpet cleaning service that I could not believe how clean they became. Well worth working with you, guys.
     Many thanks for the outstanding cleaning service. The cleaners were professional and had excellent communication skills.
     Booking an appointment with Oven Cleaners is relatively easy. Not only do they deliver high-quality cleaning service, but also operate within the stipulated time frame. Thank you for your service.
     A reliable and very professional BBQ service provider. The landlord was happy with this service. I hope to work with you guys in the future.
B. Jones29/06/2021
     The carpet cleaning service offered by London Cleaning Company was incredible. I have used their service several times, and they have always delivered a top-notch service. They are highly recommended.
     I recently hired end of tenancy cleaning service. The cleaners really impressed me. They have the best services ever. Thank you!
     My area doesn't see many cheap services in cleaning firms, but we needed one when my husband fell ill. I couldn't clean and care for him, too, so I called Oven Cleaners who came highly recommended. They even did carpet cleaning. I'm one relieved wife and I highly recommend this cleaning agency.
Beverly Jane03/07/2019
      Oven Cleaners Company do our cleaning, and they are so much better than any of the other companies we've tried. Punctual, efficient and friendly. Just what we were after.
Kent Bidman10/06/2019
     I got a quick and cheap house cleaning service from Cleaning Services. They rectified the issues quickly and the price was amazingly cheap.
S. Gorgis09/10/2018
      London Cleaning Company came to do a spring cleaning for me and did an utterly wonderful job. The place has never looked so good. They were so good and cheap that I've now booked them for fortnightly visits.
Ian Shloa30/03/2018
      London Cleaning Company frequently provide me with outstanding cleaning services. I call on them for anything cleaning-related and they always come up with a solution.
D. Long27/02/2018
     Wonderful cleaning service from Oven Cleaners, very good value and a great job done.
Sharna Feltz22/01/2018
     When I moved home last year I needed some help with house cleaning, and Oven Cleaners Company were the only company I could find who could fit me in at short notice. Lucky they did, because they are now my monthly cleaning support because they did such a good job.
Kurt Halliday13/12/2017
     It was a pleasure watching their cleaners in action. They achieved so much in such a short space of time. Hiring London Cleaning Company was definitely the right decision.
Connor M.20/11/2017
     This cleaning company knows what appeals to their customers. Oven Cleaners Company knows what their customers want, and that's terrific services at low, reasonable prices. They provide exactly that, and I got a very lucrative deal when I booked with their team.
Adrian P.21/08/2017
      Oven Cleaners charged much less than their competitors and offered better services for my money than the other companies in London.
Claudia D.27/06/2017
     We never want to suffer from buyers remorse. For this reason, we work with the cleaners at OvenCleaners and we never experience any such occurrences.
H. Richardson01/06/2017
     Needed a reliable lucrative deal for a cleaning service. A friend told me about Oven Cleaners and I made the call. Worth the wait!!!
     Very friendly and professional cleaners. Oven Cleaning Company has the best team of experts in London!
     Kitchen cleaning is not my cup of tea that is why I hired OvenCleaners! I paid an affordable price for a great service!
D. Tonks09/02/2017
     Hired OvenCleaners a week ago as I needed urgent help with oven cleaning. I am completely satisfied with the service and the price and my oven has never looked better!
      London Cleaning Company offers cost-effective and dependable cleaning services! Would highly recommend them!
Emily K.14/12/2016
     I spilled a glass of red wine on my carpet and didn't know how to remove the stain. Hired Oven Cleaners and they sent a team of carpet cleaners to remove the stain and sanitise the floors. They did a fabulous job! My carpet looked its best once again!
O. Blakey09/11/2016
     My wife and I both work and depend on a babysitter to help with the kids. No housework ever seems to get done. And pretty soon it shows. When my boss sort of invited himself for dinner I didn't know what to do. I hoped he was checking on our home life before discussing a promotion and something had to be done. I checked around for good house cleaners and Oven Cleaners Company kept coming up, so I called them. I did get a promotion too!
Henry S. 28/10/2016
     I run a local business and I've worked with a number of cleaning contractors in the past, but none have been as good as Oven Cleaners Company. They are the only team I'll be hiring for my business premises as they are not only professional, but quite affordable too.
James Campbell28/09/2016
     When I needed someone to help me do the kitchen cleaning, I didn't want a professional cleaner at first, but then I saw the prices which Oven Cleaners had on offer. It was an instant decision to hire them. I really wanted to get the job done as quickly as possible and that is exactly what they did. The work was great. They worked fast and they did not rest. It took them about half an hour and it was all done and the kitchen was brilliant. Huge thanks!
     I called in Cleaning Services for a routine home clean and was quite stunned with the final results. After months of living in a not-so-clean house, I finally had a clean and dust-free home for my family. They cleaned every corner of the house and scrubbed off the odd stains. Happy to recommend this company and I am sure I will be using their services again.
Wesley N.23/06/2016
     I noticed my sofa and armchairs were starting to look a bit grubby and decided to hire an upholstery cleaning team. I did some research and settled on Cleaners Services. Definitely a good choice, as the results were excellent, and the price was fair too.
K. Bertram31/05/2016
     I recommend Oven Cleaning Company's office cleaning services to absolutely anyone that owns a small business. They are excellent value for money and were able to offer me deals and discounts. I am glad I found this gem of a company because they really have saved my company - they make my workplace feel amazing every morning. A clean workplace is a happy one! Thank you so much!
Vincent Blackwood 15/03/2016
      Cleaning Services have just cleaned my oven and did a magnificent job. I was busy and never had time to clean the oven so I decided to hire some assistance. I was over the moon with the service and the cost. I only paid what I was quoted. The oven cleaners got rid of all the tough burnt on stains that had built up over time. I will definitely use the service again and will not leave it too long either. Oven cleaning can be a horrendous job so if you are not keen on doing it hire this company to solve the problem.
A. Young13/01/2016
     I'd always believed that having professional cleaners was something reserved for people much better off than me, but my sister recommended Oven Cleaners, and made a point about how low their prices are. Seen as they offered cleaning for such a low price, I was a little doubtful of the results, but these guys really surprised me! After my first phone call, I could tell straight away that I was dealing with true professionals. The cleaner they sent over was very polite, and had been briefed fully about the details. Everything was done to a high standard and ahead of time. Excellent!
Natasha S.17/11/2015
     I hired Cleaning Services to clean my BBQ and I was very, very impressed. I got a really cheap price which was excellent, and there were no added costs put on. My cleaner arrived on time and got right to work. She managed to get rid of all of the grease and dirt in half the time I'd expected. An excellent service!
Karen R.14/10/2015
     I have been really impressed with OvenCleaners. They helped me out with their professional smeg cooker cleaning service, which was something I desperately needed assistance with because of the short time frame I have at home! I was thrilled to find such a reliable and efficient company, and their cleaning skills were brilliant too. Very impressive stuff!
Jessie R.02/10/2015
     I have only just had Cleaners Services clean my oven but I wanted to write a review immediately. They have done an amazing job. I can't believe it's the same oven, that's how thorough of a job they did. I want people to know about the great work they did for me and the great work they can do for you.
Roger Prince24/09/2015
     The cleaners who turned up at my kitchen the other day were really fantastic. OvenCleaners and their team went through everything from fridge to oven and barbecue like it was nothing and rectified the situation quickly and efficiently.
     The team from Cleaners Services is always ready to help you with cleaning. It's such a stress buster to come into a clean and fresh home after work. Cleaning everything from oven to barbecue and make it looking shiny and clean, they are absolutely great. Splendid work delivered by a team of cleaners who provide the best service around here.
Mark S.19/08/2015
     I would highly recommend Cleaning Services to anybody who needs a professional and reliable local cleaning team! It is hard to find a reliable company that can meet your needs and clean for you your oven, fridge or barbecue at the time you want but this team is fantastic! I use their cleaning services on a weekly basis and find that they make it so easy for me to carry on with my work even when I do not have time to pay the cleaning chores too much attention. They are very efficient and affordable too!
Cindy Plunk07/08/2015
     I have hired the services of several cleaning companies before and was looking for someone new. I wanted a firm that could handle all the work in a short period and help whenever I required. I looked at several firms and Oven Cleaning Company was the one who fit all the criteria I had. I was given the best cleaning result and my oven looks better than ever. I was impressed with their services and I will continue using their support in the future.
Bethany Wells31/07/2015
     I use Oven Cleaners Company to help me with my cleaning. In all the years I've used them they have never let me down. I tell everyone to use them. They're so cheap, why not?!
Susan Bowness 14/07/2015
     We were not getting any younger so my wife and I decided to have some little help with our kitchen cleaning by a professional cleaning company. Our daughter suggested we used a local company called Cleaning Services, as she had used them on several occasions. We did and received an outstanding service. The cleaners were lovely and did a superb job of cleaning. We now have them fortnightly to help and the price is good too.
Mr. Albert Jackson03/07/2015
      Oven Cleaners Company helped us with one of the hardest cleaning tasks. We had 2 old barbecues. We had tried to clean them ourselves. The whole family was on their knees using all of the cleaning skills and techniques we had but some of the dirt and grease which just wouldn't go away! It did not matter what cleaning solutions we were using, the barbecues would still retain a stale and unpleasant smell. My mother called up this company and I promised I would write a review because we were so impressed with the barbecue cleaning they did for us. Our barbecues look and smell like new again.
Charlie G.23/06/2015
      Cleaners Services have professional cleaners that who are always ready to help you . I recommended this cleaning agency to my dad and he loved it, too. We were happy with the achieved result and will definitely use this cleaning agency again.
     My regular cleaners kept letting me down and I was looking for an alternative to take on my regular oven and fridge cleaning. I called around a few companies but then my friend recommended Oven Cleaning Company. Apparently this cleaning company had been working for my friend for several years and she couldn't fault their services. I thought they would be expensive but when I called for a price, I was shocked at how cheap it was! I hired them straight away and I've never looked back!
Rachel Potter10/06/2015
     I manage to make a mess in my kitchen pretty quickly, so I knew I had to hire a cleaner. Oven Cleaners provided what I needed, as we now have a top cleaning team at our every few days to tackle the mess. I can't thank them enough for the help they provide.
Angela F.26/05/2015
     Keeping my kitchen clean was a top priority so I called Cleaning Services for assistance. I was aware of their work and knew they would dedicate themselves to keeping my place clean. An excellent service I recommend to everyone.
Frederick Olson15/05/2015
     I have hired a number of cleaning agencies over the last five years. I must admit that Oven Cleaners has offered me the best service so far. What was different about this oven cleaning company is that communication has been always transparent, the team has always arrived on time and they have offered me value for money. After being let down by so many companies, this has indeed been a refreshing experience. I have been recommending their services to a number of friends and neighbours.
Grace Lewis07/05/2015
     Your team of cleaners are true professionals. I was offered an excellent customer service when I called Cleaning Services to book a commercial kitchen cleaning service. The team walked me through a range of options and helped me make a decision based on my requirements. I am happy with the final results and the professionalism with which the team carries out. Thank you and I look forward to a long-term association with your company.
Rebecca Thomas01/05/2015
     A fantastic cleaning agency! I have used various cleaning companies in the past but none did the commercial kitchen cleaning as professionally as Oven Cleaning Company. I was seeking cleaners I could trust. At first I was afraid but these guys showed me I could put my faith into them. After a quick cleaning job the kitchen looked almost as good as new. I would definitely consider calling them again!
Thomas W.24/04/2015
     Sometimes, cleaning becomes a chore for me. I am not one of those people who can plug in their earphones and dance away as well as clean. I work long hours in night shifts and just want to sleep all day. Many times, I have had friends recommend cleaners to me and I have wondered if it was worth it. It was! OvenCleaners have the best cleaning services on the market and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone!
Thomas R.13/04/2015
     I'm a bachelor who hates cleaning. I try and do my best; however each time I cook, I somehow forget to clean the cooker. And don't even get me started on the bathroom! I was trying to find a reliable cleaner until my brother recommended Oven Cleaners. Their cleaners are absolutely amazing and leave your house spotless! A must-have!
      Cleaning Services is a really good oven cleaning company. They were on time, their rates are affordable, and they did a great job. I couldn't ask for anything more than that. I have recommended them to many of my friends and will certainly continue to do so.
Hailee B.24/03/2015
     I only trust the services of Oven Cleaners when it comes to affordable and efficient cleaning. They specialize in this field and send me an expert every time I hire them. I am a loyal customer and have been rewarded with professionalism, friendliness and the best service possible.
Shane U.17/03/2015
      Oven Cleaning Company are such professional and reliable cleaners. The whole team is great. Perfect customer service members who really listen and care. I think I'll recommend them to anyone who is happy to listen! Thanks so much for all your help, team!
Casey S.05/03/2015
     I was so pleased with the cleaning service I used recently. London Cleaning Company did a first class job when I broke my leg. Though I liked cleaning I couldn't manage to cope with the ever increasing dirt building up in my oven and fridge. I arranged for a few bookings to tidy up and have been very satisfied with the work. The cleaners are so efficient and they do an amazing job.
C. Watts24/02/2015
     I just wanted to say that if you are searching for a cleaning company to clean your oven to hire Oven Cleaners. The company is great and does a great job throughout. I had a great experience and for a good cost. Hire this cleaning company now if you need some one that is responsible and reliable to help you with cleaning.
Angela L.13/02/2015
     I wanted some barbecue cleaning help and decided to hire a cleaner to do it for me. I used a cleaning service my sister used called Oven Cleaning Company. They were fantastic and did a superb job. I was so pleased with the work they did that I decided to carry on with the service. The costs were inexpensive and the work first class.
Todd Bass05/02/2015
     I have just had a fridge cleaning service. It was such a great service for a good cost. The team of cleaners arrived with lots of cleaning stuff and really did a thorough job. The fridge was spotless before I knew it. If you are searching for a reliable and professional cleaning company make sure you use London Cleaning Company.
Denise Reid29/01/2015
     I recently had my smeg cooker cleaned professionally be Cleaning Services. The work they did was excellent and the results amazing. The cleaners were professional and did a test to make sure the cleaning process was not going to cause any effect. Thank you!
Anna Rodriguez23/01/2015
     Oven Cleaners is skilled in understanding exactly what every oven, fridge and barbecue needs.... a good clean every now and again! As I work from home I barely pay any attention to the build up of dust and grease or when I do, I'm far too busy to do it. That's why I rely on this cleaning service and its helpful, dedicated and professional cleaners. Your service makes living in my home a true pleasure!
Frances S.15/01/2015
     I have employed quite a few cleaning agencies over the year but no had provided me such service as Oven Cleaners did. They send two cleaners who were very prompt to arrive, even though I booked the service on the day and they barely took three hours to clean the entire kitchen and did so thoroughly. They even touched upon areas that I hadn't even considered to be in need of cleaning. I was so impressed with the work and the behavior of the cleaning crew, that I knew I had to write them a good review.
     Last week, I needed to get my kitchen cleaned immediately and so I thought of hiring a cleaning company. I knew I was going on short notice but Cleaners Services gladly accommodated me in their schedule on the same day. Because there was too much work, they send a cleaning crew of two people who did the job very professionally and efficiently. Within a few hours, I had an awesomely clean kitchen and two wonderful cleaners to thank for it! I would certainly recommend this company for their excellent work and customer friendly service.
     What else can I say about this cleaning company apart from “perfect”? I've never experienced cleaning services quite as good from any other cleaners and this company is without doubt the best kitchen cleaning service around. The cleaners are polite, friendly, on time, hardworking and very helpful and they work effectively in a number of ways to tackle a range of cleaning issues. If you are after top quality cleaning and a group of very hardworking and committed cleaners you need to go to Oven Cleaners!
     No matter how hard I try I can never get the oven in the kitchen to look perfectly clean. I've tried my hand with a number of cleaning products and tools and somehow I'm just never satisfied with the results. Instead of giving up (because it gets so dirty so quickly anyway) I decided to hire Oven Cleaners for their cleaning services. I'd heard a lot about the expertise of their cleaning contractors and could not wait to give them a chance for myself. The results were phenomenal!
Pam R.19/09/2014
     I must say I was indeed impressed with this company not just for the cleaning that was done but the overall service I received. The lady I spoke to over the phone first of all was helpful and informative and wasn't too ‘sales' orientated if you know what I mean which is one of my pet hates. Another big plus point for me was the fact they actually turned up just before the time specified so when they started work I got the full three hours and nothing less. The cleaning also had a thoroughness I've not seen before elsewhere so that was very impressive. I can certainly give everyone at Oven Cleaners a big thumbs up.
     You know that you are going to get a good deal from a cleaner who seems to enjoy their job, and that is exactly what I get from Oven Cleaners. They really do ensure that you can get the whole kitchen clean for an extremely reasonable price, which makes life a lot easier, and the bank account will thank you at the same time! I have always used cleaners, but this is the first that I have had that has inspired me to write a review about them, which is certainly saying something! I will be using Oven Cleaners as long as they stay as classy as they are now.
Joseph Wright31/07/2014
     I'm a worrier. I worry about money and I worry about cleanliness which made the decision to get a cleaner a very difficult one. My sister just hired a cleaner from Oven Cleaners and she told me how cheap hiring a cleaner can actually be. The work she did was outstanding and any fears I had about how clean my kitchen was soon disappeared. It was a great idea and it actually turned out a lot cheaper than I originally thought because not only were the prices low, but I didn't have to buy any more cleaning products!
Jacob R.16/07/2014
     The lack of time in the week makes kitchen cleaning difficult to pull off and that's why I turned to Oven Cleaners. I've never regretted it and in fact I'm really pleased with the service they have given me. I'm very pleased to have this cleaning agency on side and the job they do is tremendous.
     I arranged an oven cleaning service from a local company called Oven Cleaners. The team of cleaners arrived on time with their tools and we went over the work. They started and it wasn't long before you could see a result. My oven looked so clean it almost looked like new. The cost was good value for money.
Mabel Farmer12/06/2014
     I was busy working away all week, so only returned home at the weekend and I didn't feel like catching up with the cleaning so decided to hire help. Oven Cleaners were easy to deal with and I booked a trial kitchen clean and left the cleaners to it. They did a fantastic job so now I book a regular weekly appointment for them to do the complete kitchen from top to bottom. The costs were reasonable and the service was professional.
Harry Williams26/05/2014
     My cleaning team are one of a kind. They manage to get my kitchen looking absolutely incredible, no matter what sort of state it is in! I have been using Oven Cleaners for a while now, and I must say, they really are great at ensuring that I am well looked after at all times, and that there is no cause for any panic, as they always leave everything in place when they are done! I hate it when things are misplaced, but I never have to worry about this sort of thing with this cleaning service!
Alfred Lane29/04/2014
     What a lovely team, it is my pleasure to recommend them to all of my friends and family whenever the topic of cleaning arises. I have so much time to myself now, and the price that I am paying for top notch cleaning is an absolute steal! The cleaners are fantastic and so are all of the team at Oven Cleaners whenever I phone up to rearrange cleaning work or request more monthly services they are incredibly flexible and always find a solution for me. I enjoy living in a perfectly fresh and clean kitchen that even the children can't spoil!
Mohammed Azir08/04/2014
     Our kitchen was always dirty and greasy, and it used to be a bit embarrassing when we occasionally had guests. After years of this, we finally said enough is enough and we went and hired Oven Cleaners. They had worked in one of our cousin's homes for a number of years, so we knew they were quality before they even got here. But now that we know how much of a difference it makes to the whole kitchen, we will definitely be having them in more and more often. Made a big difference, thanks.
Louise Barnes19/03/2014
     With regards to getting the house cleaned when you are a single parent, things can often slip, as you sacrifice the housework for time with your kids, or working to ensure that you can afford for them to have a good future. However, I have found that the answer simply lies in getting a great cleaning company involved! Oven Cleaners have revolutionized the way in which I live, and given that their prices are spectacularly low, I find that the time I save by using them is well worth the money I spend!
Derek Buchanan05/03/2014
     Finding the right cleaning service has always been difficult for me. I often need a routine cleaning service to provide kitchen cleaning. I need a service that is thorough, affordable and convenient. It is often hard to find a trustworthy cleaning company that I can rely on. I need my oven, fridge and barbecue cleaned on a weekly basis, so I need the right company to provide these services. Oven Cleaners continues to provide a thorough service at the right price. I trust all their staff and am always impressed with their service. I will continue to use them in the future and recommend them to anybody looking for reliable cleaning!
Nadia Y.18/02/2014
     These guys have helped us out so much. I share a house with three other guys who work full time, play sport and generally have busy lives. Cleaning duties do not come high on the list of priorities for any of us, but at the same time not one of us wants to live in a dump. So we took the decision when we moved in to hire Oven Cleaners, and I have to say they have been superb. They come round on a weekly basis and take care of all the jobs that we just do not have time to do like a kitchen cleaning. I would recommend them to anyone.
Mark Gilbert04/12/2013
     I know that it's boring to hear about another bachelor type who is pleased with their cleaner, because they are too lazy to clean their own kitchen. However, I work late pretty much evening, and on the weekends I am often working again, so if I'm ever not working, there is no way in hell that I will be start cleaning the collected dirt and grease from the oven! Oven Cleaners have been providing me with great cleaners for a year or so now, and they have always been excellent, and I would highly recommend them.
Charlie K.22/11/2013
     Kitchen cleaning is just something that I do not do. It may sound lazy, but it makes much more sense to get a cleaner in than to tackle it myself, as I get really easily distracted when I'm trying to get such things done. Oven Cleaners are amazing at cleaning my kitchen out, and they do not cost that much, which means I do not feel at all guilty about using a cleaning company! The best thing is if your regular cleaner is ill, they have plenty of others and will send another instead!
M. Horsham11/11/2013
     Praise be! Been a long time since I've been this happy with a service that I've felt the need to shout about it, but that's the way it's been with Oven Cleaners. Every time after they leave, I'm just so happy. I notice all the little differences and these are the things which mean a lot to me. You can really tell and I'm so happy with their prices. I've been telling all my friends and the people I know everywhere.
Aldon H.29/10/2013
     You'll notice the difference straight away. I've got kids and cats and they can wreak havoc when they want. But that's not the real reason I gave Oven Cleaners a call. It's more just the underlying mess, the kind which you don't always notice at first, but the kind which makes so much difference. It's these bits and pieces which Oven Cleaners are so good at sorting out and it's really the bits which makes you know that you're in a clean environment. I'm never worried to have my mother in law over nowadays, and I know she's secretly impressed.
X. Leslie15/10/2013
     Oven Cleaners were my only choice for kitchen cleaning and that was because of their staff. Their team are all capable and experienced, friendly, hardworking and know all there is to know about cleaning. They made sure my kitchen was completely spotless and I knew they would do no less. Their team is also friendly and accommodating, meaning I got the service is wanted and at times that were convenient for me. When it comes to expert cleaning, they are the obvious choice.
M. Timm03/10/2013
     Work keeps me very busy so returning home after a long day is a highlight. However, with being so busy, I often return home to a mess and particularly in the kitchen. There is nothing more disheartening then hoping to cook something delicious for dinner and fining it a mess. This means I have to forgo taking it easy and clean instead. When a friend told me about Oven Cleaners, I was over the moon and hired them immediately. They now come to my home while I'm at work, give the kitchen a good clean, and ensure that it looks fantastic before I arrive, so I can just sit and relax.
Lawrence S.23/09/2013
     I had recently started to live alone, so I wasn't ready the cleaning chores I now faced. I thought it would be easier, but there was much more to it than that. I called OvenCleaners hoping for some advice and they gave me all the information I could have ended. They taught me what to use, how to do things, and what I should do. With their guidance I learned how to keep my kitchen clean because they now everything when it comes to cleaning.
Dennis Kinney13/09/2013