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The rights, obligations and responsibilities of all parties are conditional upon the points in this Agreement. These terms and conditions are subject to amendment without prior notice.

1.    Do not commit yourself to this contract until you have checked the details contained in this Agreement are accurate and complete.

2.1    When you place an order, you must provide an accurate description of the property relating to the order. Oven Cleaners retains the right to amend the estimate provided in the first instance should the property details not prove to be accurate, incurring extra work.
2.2    We reserve the right to cancel any order or levy an additional fee if you provide incomplete or incorrect instructions when placing the order.
2.3    Full access to the property included in the Agreement should be made to Oven Cleaners.
(a)    If it is not possible for our cleaning operatives to enter your property to undertake work, there will be a minimum penalty charge of £50
2.4    All bookings must be secured with a credit or debit card.    
(a)     Payments made with a credit card are subject to an additional 2% charge.
2.5    Upon receiving confirmation of an order for our services, we will reserve a time and date for undertaking the work. We are not able to guarantee the work will be undertaken at the estimated time and there may be circumstances beyond our control such as traffic congestion or bad weather that prevent us from doing so.
2.6    Parking arrangements at the property covered by this Agreement remain your responsibility. Any penalty fees or fines incurred whilst at the premises are to be paid by you.

3.1    Services provided by Oven Cleaners are payable in cash or credit/debit card and must be settled prior to undertaking the work.
3.2    Our services each have a minimum charge payable by the customer.
(a) Carpet cleaning minimum of 48 GBP including VAT
(b) One Off Cleaning minimum of 128 GBP including VAT
3.3    If the property is located outside the M25 area, an additional charge will be incurred. Similarly, properties within the M25 may be subject to a congestion charge of £11.50.

4.1    A £50 fee will be payable should the appointment be cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.
4.2    We will charge a £25 fee if work is postponed and re-scheduled with less than 24 hours’ notice

5.1    Adequate lighting and hot water must be made available to our cleaning staff. Should our operative feel their health or wellbeing is compromised, we retain the right to cancel.
    5.2    Some or all of our services may be sub-contracted at the discretion of Oven Cleaners,
    5.3    We request that someone be present at the end of our appointment to sign off the work as meeting your satisfaction. If we do not receive sign off as no-one is present, confirmation of your acceptance will be implicit.

6.    Liability
    6.1    Oven Cleaners will NOT accept liability in case of the following:
        (a)    Discolouration or wear of fabric.
        (b)    Damage or spillage of a substance we are unable to clean.
        (c)    Damage to wooden flooring caused by unprotected furniture.
        (d)    Disturbance due to presence of a third party.
        (e)    Shrinkage to fabric or textiles during steam curtain cleaning process.

Oven Cleaners is committed to providing a solution for any issues with our services. In the unlikely event of dis-satisfaction, our customers must complete and file a complaint no later than 7 working days after the service was provided.