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10Apr 2014
Curtain Cleaning Services in Hampstead

For every aspect of the furnishing in your home in Hampstead, there will be a professional who is geared up to doing the job for you. You will find that there are a great many different options out there for you, but most of them use similar techniques for the various cleaning needs that you have in the house. For this reason, many companies combine their services, offering carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning as well as curtain cleaning, all under one roof. If you are concerned that your curtains are made form a material that you can’t clean yourself, then it is extremely wise to call a professional service before you try anything, as using the wrong product, or putting the wrong material in water could lead to damage that you can’t reverse! Have a look over the following methods that many use in both the professional and non-professional circles, for cleaning the curtains.

For a start, you should think about hand washing your curtains in Hampstead, NW3. Most curtains are made from cotton, but ever more delicate materials like silk can sometimes be hand washed. You basically need to look at the manufacturers instructions to know as to how to treat the material that you are dealing with. If you do not have any labels or notes on how to wash your curtains, then you should call a professional cleaning service to find out what they recommend. If you do decide that you can hand wash your curtains, then you simply need to run a warm bath, making sure that the tub itself is extremely clean, and dunk the curtains in there with a little hand washing detergent. Ensure that the color does not start to bleed in to the water, as this will fade the curtains, and is a sure sign that they should not be in the water in the first place! Allow the curtains to dry naturally, by wringing them out and hanging over the bath to drip dry. Open a window in the bathroom or wherever you are drying them to ensure that they get some fresh air.

Steam cleaning curtains will be right for some materials, but again, wrong for others. The process involves pushing steam through the fabric to loosen the dirt with heat and pressure. The resulting clean is a deep and effective one, that will last a long time. You should be aware however that the process should only be performed by a professional, and will not come cheap! The heat may not agree with certain fabrics, but it is up to your curtain cleaning professional as to whether they think the method is right for the material. Be sure that they have an insurance policy in place for any mishaps, should they happen.

If none of the above are right for your curtains, then why not try dry cleaning in Hampstead? This method involves no water, so is safe for most materials, but as always, make sure that the cleaner is confident that the method is right for the material. Dry cleaning is not actually totally dry, but does not use water, so there is no drying time to worry about, as the solvents that are used are extremely quick to dry. The chemicals involved pull the dirt from the fibers and suspend them, where they are then easily flushed away. This process is extremely effective, but again, is does not come cheap! You need to work out whether the balance of cost versus result is worth it from your end!

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