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Tackling Tough Cleaning Spots Around Your House in Balham

How to Clean the Toughest Spots Around Your Home

There are many areas of your house in Balham that don’t get as much attention as they probably should do when it comes to cleaning, and it is these areas that will therefore get the dirtiest over time. It is usually those spots throughout your home that you don’t often see; inside the oven, the microwave, the tops of kitchen cupboards or wardrobes, the insides of cupboards that are rarely used, etcetera. It is these areas that will contribute to the overall dustiness of the house, as the air moving through the house will carry dust from these areas to others if you are not tackling them regularly. It is not to say that they are the only cause of the dust in your home, but they will certainly be a contributing factor. Getting rid of the dirt and dust in these areas can be seriously tough, simply because they are extremely built up with the stuff, so having a few ideas as to how to go about such cleaning can be extremely useful.

For a start, the place in your home in the SW12 region that is most regularly used, but least regularly cleaned is the oven. To get it properly cleaned you will need a decent oven cleaner, some gloves, an scraper, a long handled stiff bristle brush, and a sponge or cloth. Dunk the racks and trays that you use in the oven in the sink and cover them in the oven cleaner. Ensure that you are wearing the gloves, as the oven cleaner can contain some seriously corrosive chemicals. Then, use your scraper or any metal implement that you can get your hands on, to chip off the worst of the burnt on grease form the inside of the oven. Do be extremely careful not to cut yourself whilst doing this. After this, cover the inside of the oven in the oven cleaner, ensuring that there is not a bit left uncovered. Returning to the racks after this, you should be able to wipe them down with a sponge. The chemicals in the cleaning fluid will have degreased and cleaned the dirt form the metal, so they are simply rinsable. Dry them off and set them aside. Having given the oven twenty minutes to soak, return to it with the brush and have a go at the rest of the grease. It will take time and effort, but you should be able to get it all off! Rinse well once all the dirt is gone, and return the racks and trays.

For the microwave, simply get a bowl, squeeze the juice form a lemon in to it, place the lemon in the bowl and top up with a little hot water. Microwave this bowl of liquid on a high power for four minutes, then remove it and wipe the inside down with a cloth. The acid in the lemon will evaporate and degrease the inside of the unit, making it easy to get all the dirt out with a cloth... Easy!

For the tops of cupboards in your kitchen in Balham, try using a scraper to lift the dust, rather than a duster. A duster will just move thick dust around, rather than collecting it, so sometimes you need to use something of a heavier duty. With the insides of cupboards, see if you can get the nozzle of the vacuum in there, as this will be extremely effective for getting all of the dust out of the corners, where it is sometimes hard to reach with a sponge or duster!

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