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How To Clean After Property Renovations In Marylebone

Easy Cleaning Methods for After Renovation Cleaning

If you’ve just recently had your home in Marylebone renovated and you’ve been left with after builders waste to dispose of then don’t panic! Dealing with the problem might seem like a big job, but if you break it down into smaller and more manageable steps then you’ll have an easy time restoring your property to normal. Follow this guide to cleaning your property after renovations and enjoy making the most out of your home once again!

1) What needs doing?
The scale of the job you’re facing really depends on the work that’s been done. From walls being extended to wallpaper being stripped, the mess you’re left with and the products you’ll need to deal with completely depend on what renovations or repairs have taken place. Choose a cleaning product that will work for the area of your property in W1 you’re cleaning. This might be a floor cleaner, something mild to clean walls, or even something suitable to clean your windows. You’re also going to need refuse sacks or bags, a broom, a dustpan and brush and plenty of cleaning cloths. Depending on the scale of the clean-up, it might be worth hiring a skip to ensure that your waste is dealt with and disposed of properly.

2) Where to start?
Start by getting rid of the biggest bits of debris and waste. This will leave you with much less to clear, and will ensure that nothing’s getting in the way of your cleaning in Marylebone, NW1. To do this you’re going to need to keep your hands protected at all times – especially if you’re handling bricks or other sharp materials. Gardening gloves are ideal for this job, as they’ll ensure you won’t suffer from cuts or scrapes.

3) Vacuuming and sweeping.
Next it’s time to sweep away dust and dirt. Start with a large broom to collect most of the waste, and then go in with a smaller dustpan and brush to ensure that all of the rubbish and dust is properly removed. Go over the area with your vacuum cleaner once or twice to make sure that even the smallest specks of plaster, waste and debris are completely removed. This is especially important if you’re cleaning a carpeted area in which rubbish can get trapped!

4) Carpet cleaning.
If you’re cleaning a carpeted area then you might want to invest in a carpet cleaner. These can be bought or rented, and are the ideal solution if your carpets are looking a little worse for wear after renovations.

5) Removing stains and marks.
Your after builders clean-up in W1 might require you to remove some spills, stains and marks. You can either use a suitable chemical cleaning product to do this, or you can make a mixture of warm water and washing up liquid if you’re looking for a cheaper or more eco-friendly solution. Pour your mixture into a spray bottle, lightly dowse the area and buff away marks with a clean cloth. For tougher stains, be prepared to put in a little elbow grease!

6) Disposing of after builders rubbish.
The rubbish left behind by builders is unlikely to be recyclable, but wallpaper and other paper items can be recycled to keep your cleaning in Marylebone as green as possible. Other waste should be carefully disposed of, either in a rented skip, or by being taken to your local tip. There are lots of companies that offer renovations cleaning that will handle problems like this for you, so have a look to see what builders cleaning services are in your area!

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