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Cleaning in Preparation for Autumn

Tasks You Should Include in Your Autumn Cleaning Routine

Cleaning for the Autumn

When you notice the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping, it’s a good idea to set aside some time for cleaning in preparation for autumn. You’re going to be spending a lot of your spare time indoors until spring rolls around again, so the more work you put into cleaning your home now, the less any clutter or dirt will bother you in future. Here are a few integral steps to getting the house clean for autumn, and tips on how to carry them out.

Gutter Cleaning

Get the worst chore out of the way first and clean your roof gutters. These will inevitably gather all kinds of junk at all parts of the year, but with all the falling leaves of autumn the problem can become worse very quickly. A clogged roof gutter can cause water to pool on your roof, causing dampness in your home and in the worst cases attracting all kinds of nasty insects, so cleaning this part of your house should come near the top of your to-do list. The best time to clean your gutters is after there’s been some light rain, as all the damp clumps of dirt and leaves will be cleared more easily. You should start where the clogging gets the worst; in the drain outlets. Bring a large refuse bag up the ladder with you, and use a fairly narrow trowel to dig and scoop everything out. As well as leaves and organic waste, there’s likely to be a fair amount of silt clinging to the walls of your gutters. If you can’t chip away at this with your trowel, use a small brush to clear it. After completing this on each stretch of the gutter, use a hose to wash away anything that’s being stubborn.

Car Interior Cleaning

The next thing that will probably need cleaning is the interior of your car. With all those days out you’ve taken through the summer, you’ll probably have a lot of grass, sand and other kinds of mess that have been accidentally brought in. To get around this issue, set some time aside to vacuum and clean the inside of your car. You may also want to use this opportunity to remove the extra sunglasses and flip flops, and stock the car with gloves, and ice scraper, an umbrella and anything else you may need. There are countless products out there specifically designed to help you clean the dash and upholstery, but if you want a cheaper way around this chore, a small amount of laundry soap and a rag will be effective for most parts of your car. Make sure there’s nothing obstructing your vacuum’s suction, and bring all its attachments out onto the driveway with you, as you never know when these can come in handy.

Garage Cleaning

Before the weather gets truly abysmal, you should also take some time to clear out your garage. It’s natural to moan when you consider this; many people across the country end up using their garage as a place to store things they just can’t be bothered to take to the tip or haul into their attics. As you may already know, cleaning the garage is a big job so make sure to do some preparation before jumping straight in. If your path isn’t too obstructed, take a walk around the garage and note down absolutely everything you’ve got stored there. When you’ve got it on paper, you’ll be able to easily sort all the items into “keep” and “throw away”. If the former turns out as the longer list, you might need to invest in some storage alternatives, such as ceiling-mounted shelves.

Ceiling Cleaning

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