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18May 2015
What Does Oven Cleaning in Kensington Involve?

After hours of cooking, cleaning the oven is everyone’s last thought. It’s the worst job and that why it is often put off as long as possible. Here, we will discuss a few handy techniques for efficient oven cleaning in Kensington.

1) The Basics
Firstly, ensure that you know which type of oven you have in your home in the W8 district. Some have self-cleaning programmes and others are sensitive to certain products. We will focus on ovens which have no self-cleaning functions and so therefore need regular manual cleaning. Before starting, remove the racks. Place the racks in a large plastic bowl of hot water to soak. If the sink in the kitchen is not big enough for this job, use the bath. Add dishwasher detergent to the water and leave Cleaning Ovenfor at least four hours; up to twelve hours works best. Dishwashing detergent has grease busting chemicals in it and it is fantastic at removing burnt on food.

2) Cleaning
Next, apply a mixture of baking soda and water mixed together in quantities until you have a thick paste to the inside of your oven in Kensington, W8. Avoid heating at this point. Leave this mixture in place for a few hours. As with all home cleaning, it is always best to just try a small area first with any new product to ensure nothing stains or marks your oven. After a few hours, return to your oven; scrub the pasted areas gently with hot soapy water. You should see the majority of the caked on grime coming off. Any areas which remain dirty after this Oven Cleaningshould be gently scraped with the type of squeegee used to remove frost from car windows. Rinse the whole thing over and you should find the oven is now nice and shiny. When returning to the oven racks, you should find if you have left them in the dishwasher detergent long enough that all they need is a gentle rub off in hot clean water. Once drained and dried they can be used in the oven straight away.

3) The Aftercare
The trick to oven cleaning is to now try to keep the oven this clean. After meals have been cooked, wait for the oven to cool and wipe it over. For any burnt on food, apply a layer of cooking salt over the top, heat the oven back up and the salt will draw the moisture from the stain. This will allow you to simply wipe it away again when the oven cools again. For any burnt on grease that is impossible to shift, wipe over with white vinegar then place a bowl of boiling water in the oven and shut the oven door. Wait long enough for the boiling water to mist up the oven and leave it half an hour after that. Again, this should soften the baked on dirt allowing you to scrub it off gently with a soft cloth and hot soapy water. Never use anything in your oven in SW7 which is highly abrasive asCleaning Kitchen it removes the coating which will lead to absolutely everything becoming stuck fast to the damaged area. It will also reduce the effectiveness of the heat distribution and may cause smoking whilst cooking.

4) Cleaning Services
Many cleaning services offer full oven cleaning. Although professional cleaners based in Kensington may be a quicker option, it will most definitely not be a cheaper one. However, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, cleaning contractors can save you all the hassle. The method described above is both cheap and environmentally safe even if it is a bit more time consuming. The best tip is to plan when you want to clean the oven and drop the racks in the hot bath and apply the paste to the oven before you go to bed the night before, so that you can just rinse them all off in the following morning. Job done!

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