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03Jun 2015
How To Clean Your Carpets in Enfield The Professional Way

Have you been thinking of buying new carpets? Does your carpet in Enfield look filthy and dated? Regular carpet care can ensure that your carpet always looks and smells good. While you cannot stop the spills, there are sure shot ways of dealing with filthy carpet and stains. Carpets at home as well as office require cleaning on a regular basis, at least two times a year. For those who are pressed for time, it suggested that you call in professional cleaners to handle the task for you. All said, a clean carpet can surely make you house look welcoming. Just make it a part of your routine house cleaning. Here are some tried and tested tips on carpet cleaning.

Fighting stains
While regular carpet cleaning can prolong the life of your carpet in EN1, it is also essential to spot clean any stains. So the next time an accidental spill occurs, use a cloth to blot the spill. Apply a bit of cleaning agent to the cloth and a few drops of water if necessary. To clean any excess water you can use a hair dryer. However, it is important to tackle the spill as soon as possible.

Regular maintenance
Maintain your carpet by vacuuming it at least twice a week. It is suggested that cut pile carpets be cleaned by using an upright vacuum cleaner which comes with a beater bar and brush. On the other hand loop pile should be cleaned using a cylinder vacuum, ensure that you use the suction head only. A bit of regular care will ensure that your carpet in Enfield, EN2 looks as good as new.

Target areas
To shield your carpet, clean entrance areas, especially high-traffic areas at least once a week. Regular vacuuming will reduce collection of soil on the carpet. It also helps to keep door mats at the entrance, both outside and inside, to reduce the amount of soil entering the home or office in the EN1 region.

Vacuum right
It is important to vacuum correctly to ensure maximum effectiveness. Vacuum slowly but with a steady hand to eliminate as much dirt as possible. Make a swift pass over low-traffic areas and two quick strides near areas with high traffic. This will ensure effective removal of soil from the carpet. It is recommended that you use coarse texture mats outside the door and water absorbent rugs inside the house.

Don’t wait till it becomes filthy
The rule for domestic cleaning is to be regular. This reduces your effort and ensures that you walk into a house that smells and feels good. If you wait till it becomes filthy, then you run the risk of the colour fading and reinstating the fabric to its original condition will not be an easy task.

Get professional carpet cleaners
It is suggested that every 6 months you get the carpets cleaned by professionals. You can contact a cleaning agency in Enfield and ask for a no obligation quote. The cleaners use their expert knowledge of handling various fabrics combined with the latest technology to make your carpets look new.

So, don’t fret over your dirty looking carpet. Just get your act together, set a timetable, and assign a few tasks to your family members. In short, ensure that the carpets are cleaned every week and you will see them transform back to their original glamour.

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