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16Apr 2015
Hiring a Builders Cleaning Company in the Bayswater Area

Hiring a building cleaning company is something that a lot of people in Bayswater consider. You may have had your bathroom or kitchen done, and it looks beautiful! However, you soon come to notice that there is a film of dust that has been left behind. So you take it upon yourself to clean it all up and realise that it is industrial and needs professional cleaning. You then think of hiring a cleaning contractor who will be able to help you achieve this. Trouble is, you have never hired one and don't know what to even expect. We have put together a short set of important and handy tips to make hiring a cleaning agency in the W2 area easier:

•    Make a list of what it is you want cleaned. Hiring a company around the Bayswater region for your building cleaning means that you want the best quote available and you know that unless you can describe everything specifically, you will be charged more. Having a list means that when you call up different companies, it will be easier to get tailor made quotes as opposed to just rates they have online.

•    Establish a budget for your after builders cleaning. There is no bigger nightmare than wanting to hire a company and then realising either that they are too expensive or that you could have gotten a much better quote from somewhere else. Never be in a rush to hire a company because you feel that they are right on first glance. Try and phone a minimum of 5 companies, speak with their representatives and see what their prices are. You would rather pay more for a company with stellar service than scrimp and find yourself with shoddy work or worse, a botch job! Your cleaning should really bring out the face of your newly done up bathroom or kitchen, not leave you with more mess to clean up afterwards.

•    Ensure that all quotes you receive from the cleaners are valid for 30 days at least. Sometimes, you may not want to hire the company immediately but in a few weeks’ time.  This gives you the cover to ensure that the price point has not changed. Also ensure that they are always including VAT. You do not want to be stuck in a situation whereby you are quoted for something and then you realise that there is an additional 20% on top of it. When you budget, always budget for VAT in mind at the very beginning.

•    Check and verify that the company you are thinking of hiring for cleaning in the W2 district is actually legitimate and registered on the Companies House. The last thing you want to be caught up in is a scam, whereby seemingly nice people who are actually scammers convince you and take off with your money, with no services in sight! A proper cleaning company will always do everything in their power to ensure that they show you everything before you book in with them. The rule of thumb is that if a company doesn't make you feel comfortable about any part of dealing with them, you should not do business with them. You would rather be safe than sorry.

All in all, hiring an after building cleaning company in Bayswater should be a breeze when you are following the above steps to ensure the best clean for your house!

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