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23Jun 2015
Get To Grips with After Builders Cleaning in Bromley

Cleaning up the mess left over from a recent building job in Bromley is possibly the worst and most time-consuming house cleaning job you’ll ever have to do. If only a small amount of work has been carried out and you’ve managed to contain the area in which the building work was taking place, then great. But when it comes to building work, even taking every effort to close off the affected area won’t mean that you won’t eventually have to get down to some home cleaning.  It’s inevitable that there’s going to be some type of mess that gets transported to other areas of your house; whether it is transferred by your builders walking around the place or by wind is another issue.

In any case, you’re going to have to take every effort in order to get your house in the BR1 area clean, so take heed of this advice to make the process more manageable and to make it fly by a lot quicker.

1.    Walk around your house with a bin bag.
Walk from room to room disposing of any obviously noticeable bits of rubbish, such as bits of rubble or wallpaper and other remnants left over from the building work in Bromley, BR2. Hang a bin bag on the door handle of each room; that should encourage you to dispose of any items as and when you see them.

2.    Do some sweeping.
After you’re done picking up large bits of rubbish, do some sweeping to clean up any bits of rubble that you may have missed.

3.    Vacuum clean.
Your first line of attack should be with your vacuum cleaner. If you haven’t used your vacuum cleaner in a while and have only just gotten it out from the back of your storage cupboard in BR2, inspect it and check that it works before getting started. The bag or rubbish container may need to be emptied, it may have lost some suction power, the attachments may need to be cleaned, all of which need to be seen to before getting started with the clean up job. Be prepared to vacuum clean a number of times throughout the process. When you vacuum the first time, don’t use any attachments, so that you’ll be able to pick up small bits of rubble that you may have missed when sweeping (don’t vacuum up any large bits of rubble or sharp objects as these may damage your vacuum cleaner). Next, go from room to room, vacuuming your hard floors and carpets. Use the different nozzles to clean furniture; they’re great for sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning and can even be used to clean curtains and drapes! After the process is finished and you’ve completed your after builders cleaning jobs, vacuum clean your entire house again, to pick up any dust and dirt that may have been brushed to the floor during the cleaning process.

4.    Dust everything thoroughly.
Dust is the worst offender when it comes to giving your house in Bromley a clean after building work and has a funny and rather annoying habit of spreading to every area of the house, even to the rooms furthest away from the building work. Get yourself plenty of soft microfiber cloths and an extendable duster will come in handy to. Use your duster to get at those hard to reach, awkward areas, such as on top of cupboards, light fittings, behind desks etc. To give your furniture a super sleek finish, dust and polish as you go. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe down your walls from top to bottom and if you can reach, use this technique on your ceiling to. 

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