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29Apr 2015
End of Tenancy Cleaning in Bow: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving to a new home is always a stressful task, both mentally and physically. While packing and setting up your new house consumes most of your time, it is expected that you return your old property in Bow to your landlord in the state you acquired it in. Not only is that what a dutiful tenant would do, your security deposit hangs in the balance too! Here's a guide to a successful end of tenancy clean.

•    Plan it right
In your hurry to move to your new home from Bow or the E3 area, you may end up rushing your house cleaning exercise. It is extremely crucial to plan your end of lease clean way before you begin the house moving process. Create a list of things you need to do before you get on with the domestic cleaning. A proper house cleaning regime just before moving out will ensure a smooth transition to your new home, while also making your landlord happy!

•    Assign work
If you live in a large house, it becomes all the more difficult to manage your move out cleaning in the E14. You may be required to distribute work to different people, and over multiple days. A room-by-room allocation would help make the job more efficient and systematic. You should identify which areas or rooms would require more attention than others, so as to assign the requisite people to those portions of the house. It would be a good idea to ask your best friend to drop in and give you a helping hand or simply get your kids or partner to assist you.

•    Hoard supplies
You don't want to end up in a situation where you find yourself short of cleaning supplies while you're on the verge of beginning your home cleaning. Ensure that you have the requisite cleaning materials in your collection beforehand so you don't have to panic later! You'd also want to get the right quality of cleaning stock, as sub-standard products will do more harm than good.

•    Get professional help
If you think your cleaning job is too herculean a task, or if you can't manage to squeeze in some cleaning time amidst your packing, the best way forward would be to let professional cleaners do the job. Hiring a cleaning agency in Bow will give you the time you require to focus on more important things like packing and moving. Also, the cleaning services provided would be of a superior quality, which will surely leave your landlord beaming!

•    Discuss with your landlord
Before you get going with the deep cleaning, it's always a wise move to have a chat with your landlord in the E3 district. You may find that he or she may not require you to completely clean the property. He/she could be selling off that particular property, or even getting repair work done on it. You definitely do not want your entire cleaning effort to count for nothing!

•    Don't miss out the hard-to-reach areas
While you focus your cleaning on the large, visible portions of the house, you may end up being too lazy to clean the comparatively inaccessible ones. You may find it insignificant, but your landlord most certainly won't, especially if he or she isn't in a mood to return your deposit! Give them no cause for complaint by ensuring each nook and cranny of the home is covered by your cleaning.

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