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10 December 2015
Easy Tips to Clean the Office!

Office can get a little messy during the day or over a week, with workers pottering about, visitors coming and going, lunches at the desk and endless amounts of stationary and paperwork it’s no surprise really that offices are hard to keep clean.

To keep the office in tip top shape, regular cleaning has to take place otherwise workers will end up trying to work in a dishevelled mess, and that’s not good for business!

To get the best out of your workers, working in a clean and tidy environment plays a big part and it will also help to keep a business running smoothly.
Depending on the size of the company you may wish for staff to take on the role of keeping the office clean and tidy, or you may prefer to hire a third party such as professional cleaning company?

Here are our top 5 tips for office cleaning duties!

Tip 1- tidiness is tops!

You cannot run a successful business without any organisation; offices are bound to get messy and untidy leading to things getting misplaced, lost and chaotic so it’s absolutely vital that you try to keep it as organised and tidy as possible so that you can run the company at ease.
Untidy offices can be quite hazardous too, pins and debris lying around on the floor can be dangerous for staff and the last thing you want (if you are a boss) is an accident at work claim hanging on your shoulders.

Avoid the hassle and keep the office nice and tidy!

Tip 2-Do I or don’t I?

Many offices are faced with the question Do I or don’t I hire professional cleaners to clean the office at work?
Well, this all depends on the company, how big the office is and whether or not it would be more cost effective to hire cleaners than it would to get the junior staff to do it?

TIP/ If you cannot afford for staff to take the time off to clean because their work schedule is full on, it may be more worth your while to hire cleaners in instead.

If you have a large office space, it can be a difficult job for the staff to take on; also a self cleaning company will require some equipment in order for the cleaning to take place. Things such as a vacuum, mop, dusters, detergents etc will need to be stocked up and maintained for the regular cleaning to take place and then you have to enlist staff members jobs, some may be more willing than others and it can get a bit stressful at times because staff may get tidy and grumpy at the end of the day and may not want to stay behind to clean.

Professional cleaners however take the stress out of office cleaning and many businesses prefer to go down that route to save time and money.

Tip 3- Clean to save!

Believe it or not regular cleaning can be cost effective for a company, to maintain the look and appearance of an office will prolong the life of the things within in it.
Example, Regular carpet cleaning keeps the office fresh and clean and reduces the need for replacement.
Tip 4- clean up for healthy working environment!

Bacteria can run riot through the office, once one staff member has a cold it doesn’t take long before it is spread like wild fire.
Next thing to happen is you get a lot of staff off sick, affecting the running of the business!
Nip it in the bud whilst you can, clean up the office and make it a germ free environment for staff!

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