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12Oct 2015
Dry Vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning - Which Is Better?

steam cleaning

Since steam cleaning came to be, there is one question that troubles the mind of a house owner when facing a carpet that needs cleaning bad, and needs cleaning hard. What type of carpet cleaning service do I want? Do I want a steam cleaner, or do I need dry cleaning? Before you go on choosing the service and the cleaning agency, first you need to be acquainted with the facts about both types of cleaning and make an informed choice. So here is what you need to know about dry and steam carpet cleaning.

1) How do they work?
• Dry carpet cleaning means releasing incredibly heated steams over stains that were previously treated with a variety of chemicals. The dry cleaner’s effects dissolve the chemicals and do their work on the carpet and then take the chemicals back, supposedly leaving no trace behind. The point of the tool is exactly that – to wet and “activate” the chemicals, and then remove them along with all the dirt and dust and grime and whatever else was needed to be removed from the spot.

Dry Sofa Clean
• Steam carpet cleaning – the generally preferred carpet cleaning method as it is, by design, a thorough way to clean your carpets. The way it works is, the machine releases steam into the carpet and creates moisture which dislodges the dust mites and dirt, and removes them with a swipe with the towel or cloth attachment at the head of the streamer, or with the extraction process which works wonders for both carpets and floors.

Dry Cleaning

2) What is the result?
• Dry cleaning has been proving its worth for many years now, and dry carpet cleaning is no different. You waste less water, the stains will always be gone, and the result is achieved much faster than with steam cleaning. Also, because of the use of chemicals and less water, the carpet will dry out much faster, so you don’t have to stay away from it for too long.
• Steam carpet cleaning reaches deeply and removes stains, residue, and odours. It disinfects and leaves carpets looking like brand new, even if it does require some time for the moist to completely disappear.

Carpet Cleaning

3) What are the major differences between the two?
• Chemicals. Dry carpet cleaning uses plenty of chemicals that are an absolute must for the process to be completely successful. Steam cleaning requires no chemicals at all – just water which gets heated enough to produce steam, though it does take longer.
• Dry carpet cleaning cleans mostly superficially and does not always reach the deepest imbedded dust mites and dirt grains. Steam cleaning’s vapours dig deep into the carpet’s fibres and extract all movable dust mites and grains.
• Environmental issues. Dry carpet cleaning’s chemicals stay in the fibres long-term and might cause health problems to children playing there, or pets literally being too nosey. Dry cleaned carpets are often associated with rashes, sneezing, and some lung issues of different magnitudes. Steam carpet cleaning, again, only uses water and it is completely safe. If you have used it too much in one place, though, the accumulated moist might take too much time to dry away, and might cause mould growth.

Clean Carpets

You can draw your own conclusion from here, but the choice should be pretty clear. If you are the type of person who doesn’t have much time on his or her hands, and uses the carpet only for walking on, and doesn’t have a pet or a child, then dry cleaning might just be your weapon of choice against the dust and dirt on your carpet. But if you are a family person that prefers the healthy and safe solution, then definitely go with steam cleaning. Both choices are immediate hits or misses for different people, you just have to see to which group you belong.

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