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15Jul 2015
A Procrastinator's Guide to House Cleaning in Twickenham

Chances are if you are looking for things to read about house cleaning then you are probably looking for excuses not to start yours in Twickenham. When you have a tendency to procrastinate then cleaning is the biggest task to set you off. You glance at those dishes and mess that’s been piling up but then you manage to find something else to take up your time. It’s perfectly normal, a good domestic clean doesn’t excite many people and is often the last thing you want to do on your days off. It doesn’t have to fill you with dread however and you can stop with your other useless tasks that seem much more important now. It’s time to get cleaning, while procrastinating.

1. If you are finding your television more important than cleaning then the room with your television in is a good place to start. Once you have started then you will find it much easier to want to finish so grab a duster or damp cloth and get to work on your sides while you continue to watch. Maybe even start with the top of your television!

2. Things like oven cleaning, tackling lime scale and toilet cleaning all need time to soak in the product. This is a great excuse for you to procrastinate. Just make sure you put all the products you are using on the areas in your home in Twickenham, TW1 before you begin doing what you are not supposed to be doing. At least that way your time wasting is useful and it will force you to have to finish when your product needs to be wiped up and cleaned off.

3. Entertain yourself while carpet cleaning. Music can really get you into any mood. So pick an upbeat song to get your energy going. If you exercise indoors doing something such as yoga or, then that is often enough to get you cleaning in TW2. Spending time on the floor makes you look at all the areas that need scrubbing and you will suddenly have more of a desire to do it. Once you have lifted and sucked up most of the dirt, a lot of carpet cleaners need time to sink in, giving you the chance to let your mind wander again. But the chances are you will be looking for something else productive to do in the meantime.

4. Don’t leave the worst job until last. There is probably one thing you are really reluctant to do, maybe it’s the bathroom or maybe its upholstery cleaning, whatever it is don’t leave it until last. You may find it simply never gets done. This is where you really need to find the motivation, so turn up your favourite song, promise yourself a treat at your favourite restaurant in TW1 afterwards and get to your worst job. The good news is that once that one is over you will find the rest of them a breeze.

5. Hire professional cleaners. If you really want to procrastinate then go online and search for cleaning agencies in your local area. That way you can procrastinate until your heart is content while they sort out you home. Just make sure you don’t hold back on making that call. Some cleaning experts can be reasonable so call around a few for some quotes.

Just about everyone in Twickenham puts off a good home cleaning now and then. Why wouldn’t we? But once it is all finished you will be reminded why you go through all the trouble in the first place, it can really make a difference not only to your home but also to your state of mind.

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