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Welcome to the homepage of Oven Cleaners, a renowned professional cleaning company. Over the course of our many years of service to individuals, families and businesses, we have firmly established our company as a premier provider of quality oven cleaning services. We are a one stop shop for professional kitchen cleaning services. Thus, if you’re BBQ, oven or stove is looking worse and/or is blighted by dreaded stains, or if you own ovens that are crying out for an intensive scrubbing, or you’re considering investing in new kitchen appliances because your current set are showing their age, you’re on the right website!

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Our business has thrived because of our repeated willingness to offer a customisable and highly personalised cleaning service. We also clean to a professional standard, and come equipped with the technology, processes, experience and products usually associated with the biggest and most expensive cleaning companies – but we provide our services at friendly, low prices you might correlate with small, local cleaning firms. We guarantee that you won’t enjoy the same level of care and attention with another cleaning agency anywhere else, that’s for certain! We work our clients as much as we possibly can, and work in accordance with schedules and deadlines they draw up, and we agree to! We work at weekends, and our working days start earlier and end later than any other cleaning firm’s! We refuse to disrupt the working or home lives of our clients, and do our best not to cause any disturbance to you whilst we work.

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cleaning productsIf you hire us on a contractual basis, we will provide you your very own cleaner – they’ll be someone you can quickly forge a relationship with, who will happily work when you’re not present at your place, and you’ll be happy to entrust with such a task! All of our cleaners are professionally certified and come with amazing references and testimonials. They have all been meticulously vetted by our team, and all of our cleaning staff has many years of experience in providing the very best in oven cleaning to clients from all walks of life, with any number of different needs. We guarantee you that you’ll be elated by the job our cleaners do for you – and our professional oven cleaners understand that they’re simply not finished until you think they are! !


If there's ever an issue with their work and you’re not fully satisfied, or you feel they have missed a spot, they’ll be more than prepared to start again and work until you’re completely happy – and do so at no extra fee. We simply love all the cleaning work we do, and would love to have the opportunity to share our expertise with you

It’s a simple if inconvenient truth that quality services come at a cost. However, we understand that many budgets are not what they were, and we also believe that everyone deserves access to premier quality cleaning services. This is why we offer highly competitive rates on our entire kitchen cleaning services. We simply refuse to put profits before people, and this means that we don’t con people, or try to wring every penny we can out of them. If you hire us to provide your oven cleaning services on a long-term, contractual basis, you won’t get bound to a fixed contract – you can call us at any time to cancel. We don’t believe in hidden costs, either – the price we offer you in our initial quotation will be the final price on your bill, and your initial quotation will be provided totally free of charge. We give free quotes because we know how vital it is for people in the current economic climate to be able to look around and evaluate the fees and packages available to them, until they find an offer that suits them. However, we’re positive that you will search in every nook and cranny and won’t be able to find a professional oven cleaning Services Company that offers the same level of service at such competitive prices!

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Oven Cleaning Company in LondonWe at Oven Cleaners offer every type of kitchen cleaning services. They include oven cleaning services, BBQ cleaning services, fridge cleaning services, smug cooker cleaning services. However, no matter what service, or services, you enlist us to provide, you can be assured of the same level of quality and professionalism! Even our basic cleaning packages are comprehensive, coming with a full inspection from our oven cleaning experts before we commence cleaning, and, if necessary, we will move and order the items due to be cleaned, and clear everything around to ensure an optimal clean. We use revolutionary oven cleaning products that are guaranteed to restore the surfaces and items they clean to their original glimmer.

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We are incredibly thorough, and are adept at reaching those flecks and microbes that other firms cannot reach, and removing those stains lesser cleaning agencies would struggle with.

We also use the finest oven cleaning products, that won’t damage your home or in the process of cleaning them – we have an extensive cache of the best cleaning products money can buy, and we are fully prepared to use them! So, if you think your kitchen appliances or...pretty much anything in your life could do with a clean, give us a call on 020 3397 9082. A member of our friendly customer services team will be happy to take your call. They are keen to answer any questions you may have for our company, and are equally excited at the prospect of mapping out your kitchen cleaning operation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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