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27Mar 2015
Guide To Making Laundry in Camden Easy

Doing laundry in Camden can be a real drag, and the tiniest of mistakes can results in your beloved clothes losing their colour or shape, but we all know washing your clothes, sheets and towels in an essential part of home cleaning. Doing your laundry properly and regularly will help make your whole house clean and lovely. Did you know that there are simple solutions that you can follow, that will help you to learn to love your laundry? So, if the ever growing pile of dirty garments in your wash basket is beginning to fill you with dread, read on for the top three ways to take the stress out of keeping clothes clean.

Learn the labels
How often do you take the time and effort to go through the dry cleaning labels on your clothes and sheets as you’re loading them into the washing machine in Camden, NW1? Most of us probably don’t have the time or patience to decipher each little label inside our smalls, but they are extremely important in prolonging the life of our garments. These labels advise us of the correct way to treat our items throughout the whole laundry process; from washing, to drying and ironing. Unfortunately, they’re not always completely clear and can be hard to understand. It’s useful to have a one stop guide to deciphering the label hieroglyphics. You could put a print out of the labels and their meanings above your washing machine or somewhere in your utilities room; so that when you’re sorting out your laundry you can easily check each item and guarantee that you’re washing it in the proper procedure.

Turn back time
There’s nothing more annoying than unloading the washing machine or tumble dryer only to find that your favourite jumper has shrunk three sizes. You’ll probably be tempted to give up on your shrunken article of clothing and banish it to the bin. Most people don’t know that there is a magical remedy that turns back the clock on shrunk clothes and restores them to their original size. It’s a simple three step process, which won’t take too long to do, but could rescue some of your favourite items. All you need to do is fill a sink with lukewarm water and two to three capfuls of baby shampoo, soak the shrunken piece of clothing in the water and leave it around ten minutes - this works by relaxing the fibres in the fabric. Then remove the garment and get the excess water out by very gently it squeezing with a dry towel. When the item is damp but no longer dripping wet, lay it out flat on a fresh towel and very delicately stretch it out. Stretch it slowly so as not to ruin its shape, and continue to do so until it has returned to its original size then leave it to air dry.

When sorting your laundry in your home in Camden, it can be tempting to throw them into two piles – whites and darks, to minimise time and effort. However over time, the colours of your clothes will start to fade and dull if you’re not meticulous about your separating. Sorting clothes allows you to make sure that you’re cleaning all items using the correct cycle type and temperature; it also stops colours bleeding onto one another. There are several ways you could divide your clothes, and it’s best to use whichever method works for you, many professional cleaning agencies recommend using the categories: whites, darks, lights, delicates and denim. Try out this fail safe separating technique and you’re guaranteed to notice your items retaining their shape as well as their colour for much longer. Laundry should not be a home cleaning task you despise, so why not make it that much easier?

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