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13Sep 2013
Cleaning Routine for your Kitchen in Clapham

It’s easy for your kitchen in Clapham to become very dirty very quickly. Your kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in your house, and it can be a nightmare to keep it clean and sanitary. If you struggle to find the time and energy to keep your kitchen spotless then you might benefit from implementing a kitchen cleaning routine into your life. If you just aren’t sure where to begin then have a look at this list of tips, hints and tricks for a good kitchen cleaning routine.

1)    Crockery and cutlery.
Try not to let your dirty dishes pile up in your kitchen in Clapham, SW11. Getting into the routine of cleaning up your used plates, bowls and pans as soon as you’ve finished eating means your kitchen is going to stay clutter-free for longer. When starting your weekly kitchen clean, make sure all your crockery and cutlery is washed, dried and put neatly away.

2)    Surfaces.
Once your surfaces are clutter-free you can get to cleaning them. Use a clean cloth to wipe crumbs away from your sideboards and tables and then use a kitchen disinfectant spray and a sponge to sanitise them. Stubborn food stains might need to sit with a disinfectant or cleaning spray on them for a while before you’ll be able to wipe them off.

3)    Appliances.
You should de-limescale your kettle, clear the crumbs from your toaster and scrub down your grill on a regular basis. Your kitchen appliances are going to perform better and last longer if they’re cleaned frequently. It shouldn’t take long to wipe down or empty you appliances of dirt, so it’s worth getting into the habit of doing so. If you use a dishwasher then it should also be cleaned regularly, and your kitchen sink needs to be unblocked often to keep it in the best condition possible.

4)    Floors.
Use a broom or dustpan and brush to sweep away dirt and crumbs from your kitchen floor. Once this is done you can use a floor cleaner or disinfectant with a mop and bucket, or if you have a steam cleaner you might prefer to use that. If you have rugs in your kitchen then make sure they’re beat down so that they’re free of dust and put in your washing machine for a decent clean.

5)    Cupboards and drawers.
Your cupboards are likely to build-up a lot of dust, dirt and grime so it’s important you empty and clean them regularly. Simple wipe down the insides of your cupboards and drawers with a clean cloth and a kitchen cleaning spray to ensure your cutlery and cooking utensils are being stored in a clean and sanitary space.

6)    Windows.
Your kitchen windows in Clapham can become streaky very easily with all the heat that your kitchen produces. You should wipe them down with a clean cloth and glass or window-cleaning spray weekly. This will help your kitchen to look sparklingly clean.

7)    Your fridge.
Fridges need to be cleaned weekly so that you aren’t left with lingering food odours or food stains. Get rid of all products that have reached their use-by date and wipes down the insides of your fridge with a mixture of water and lemon juice for a natural and eco-friendly clean.

8)    Your cooker.
Make sure you’re regularly cleaning your cooker or oven to ensure it’s working to the best of its ability. Soak your oven trays overnight to get rid of caked-on grease and grime, and use an oven cleaner to get your oven looking its best.